a perfectly balanced blend of fresh garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, and  love!

It does not contain preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, dairy and is gluten free.

Simply Irresistible!

"Just received my bottles in the mail yesterday! Thank you SO MUCH! And, of course, I'm already well on my way through my first one.

It's the best! I'm wary of sharing with my roommates because I know they will eat it all too."
Jen - Hawaii

I would like to order:

"We raced to the kitchen to try it out immediately. What a treat -- we can't wait to try it out on all kinds of things. Thank you so much!"
Richland, WA

"I think we're going to have to sell our home in the dessert because we can't find the garlic sauce anywhere here in the stores.  So we might have to sell our home here and go live at our home on Whidby Island where we can buy garlic sauce probably about once a week.  So if you can help us out so we don't have to sell our home here you can let me know if there's a distributor here in CA".
Victory - Palm Springs, CA

Please double check your mailing address before placing your order

We only ship to the lower 48 states, Alaska and Hawaii

Due to the length of time it takes to reach you, we cannot ship to Canada


  Please refrigerate once received.   Do not allow to freeze.

Email questions or concerns to:  bulbinabottle@aol.com 

"Hello! The sauce came and now I am obsessed too :) Thanks so much!"
Shira - Los Angeles, CA

"I was SO thrilled to find Karam's Garlic Sauce online! I grew up in Seattle and ate at your wonderful restaurant at least once a week. For years I've been trying to recreate your sauce, and today as I was hunting around for a recipe I saw that you still make and sell this product. I just placed my order for two bottles and can't wait for them to arrive."
Thank you!
Mary Beth - Dallas, TX

   Karam's Garlic Sauce

"Thank you for the amazing, as always, garlic sauce. I used to order it years ago from you and I have absolutely no clue why I stopped! It is just as perfect as it always was. I took a bottle to work and my co-worker went crazy. I'm sure he'll be placing an order soon.
Thank you again!" 
Ruth - Los Angeles, CA

Please continue to manufacture garlic sauce. This is a humanitarian necessity. 

​John - Berkeley, CA

"Garlic all powerful; marvelous seasoning; you are the essence, the incense which revives and exhilarates; you are the spur that excites, stimulates. Garlic! You stir up, you impel, you cheer; you are the only condiment, you are the glorious one, the sovereign extract of the earth."
Gustave Coquiot

"My sister in Washington uses this and I almost stole it from her kitchen!"
Karin - Redondo Beach, CA

"Keep making this amazing garlic sauce and I will keep buying it".
Therese - Bellingham, WA