Tuesday, Mar 4:
Hi Mom,
We wanted to write to say how much we are enjoying our time here in Sydney!  The family you sent us
to are really nice and are treating us with love.  They even live in a beautiful house only a couple of hundred yards from Manly Beach, which is apparently world famous…..lucky us!  For the first 5 days of our time here it was just like home – overcast and raining – but since then this thing they call the “sun” has come out, the sky is blue and it is warm and not windy……and we are loving it!  Patrick took us to the beach and then on an adventure into the city today.  We attached a few selfies that we took.  The first two photos are of us at the beach in Manly, then a few of our ferry ride into the city (we got really close to the opera house and this amazing cruise ship called the Queen Victoria is in the harbour!) and finally a shot of us in Patrick’s office which looks out at the harbour.
We miss you but don’t worry about us, we are all fine!
Your 8 children

Thank you, Patrick, for the adventure and the memory!! 

Thursday, Feb 20, 2014:
Your Garlic Sauce was finally processed through the sort facility in Australia. (I have been tracking

it several times a day watching their movement).  It is now in transit to you.  I have been like an anxious mother waiting for her children to reach you.
It won't be long now and I will be so relieved!!

Thursday, Feb 20:
Brilliant!  I will take some photos of the sauce at some of Sydney’s more famous sites to prove that they
have arrived safely!

Monday, Mar 3:
The eagle has landed!!!  I am literally consuming your product as I write this!  Photos to follow soon…

it has been raining for 5 days and wanted to get good shots…..
Thanks again,

Monday, Mar 3:
Overjoyed and relieved I am!!
Thank you so very much for your updates and humor!  We can't wait to see your photos!

Karam’s Garlic Sauce goes on an adventure to New South Wales Australia
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