"Everyone has a vice.  I don't smoke, nor drink, nor even do coffee.  But I'm addicted to your Garlic Sauce!  When my son was just two years old he ate your garlic sauce with blueberries!  Our family keeps your sauce on hand at all times.  In our house, it's a staple, like eggs and milk.  Thanks."
Alyce - Seattle, WA

"We are addicted, and are starting a support group for those dependent on Karam's Garlic Sauce."
Nurses from Group Health Hospital 

Seattle, WA

"Woo hop... Texas will never be the same!"
Karen - Dallas, TX

Simply Irresistible!

"I moved from the Northwest to Las Vegas where they have no Karam's Garlic Sauce.  What was I thinking?!  Need some quick."
Leslie in Las Vegas, NV

       Our Story...

      It all began around thirty years ago.  When Anis and I weren't studying, we could be found in the kitchen      

      perfecting family recipes.  Our friends loved our dishes and encouraged us to open a restaurant, which

      we did on July 15, 1987.  We went on to participate in various fairs including the Bite of Seattle, Northwest

      Folklife Festival, Bumbershoot, the Taste of Tacoma and won ten first place awards.  While taking part in

      the fairs, we began receiving calls from numerous stores requesting that we package our Hummos, Baba    

      Ghannouj, Karamage, Falafil, Tahini Garlic Sauce and our simply irresistible Garlic Sauce.  And so we did!

      It was an amazing twenty-five years celebrating with you!  Between your first dates, your wedding

      receptions, anniversaries, birthdays to the births of your children and birthdays of your grandchildren.

      We sincerely thank you for including us in the celebrations of your lives.  You have given us so many

      beautiful memories.  You will forever be in our hearts.

      Here's to you and to new beginnings.

      Thank you!

    Anis and Julie Karam

      We closed our restaurant on July 15, 2012.  But, we still continue to make and distribute our products

      (Garlic Sauce, Tahini Garlic Sauce, Karamage, Hummos, Baba Ghannouj, Falafil wraps and Tahini).

       We ship only our Garlic Sauce and only within the lower 48 states, Alaska and Hawaii.

"OH, your garlic sauce.  I, like many folks these days, am on a restricted diet...At first it was depressing to not be able to eat Mayo, other dips, sauces or "white goops" of all sorts.
But when I remembered, after starting my current diet, "Oh, I can have Karam's Garlic Sauce!", I was so happy.  I don't miss the other sauces at all now.  Yours is the BEST!!!
Thanks again, and thanks for adding the
Leigh - Seattle, WA

   Karam's Garlic Sauce

   Nutrition facts

"Garlic is a habit and a passion."
Kim Upton, Chicago Sun-Times

"If former President Bush could taste this on his broccoli, he would smack his lips and yell for more."
Bev - Missoula, MT

a perfectly balanced blend of fresh garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, and  love!

It does not contain preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, dairy and is gluten free.

"I always have loved your garlic sauce since

I started eating solid food."
written for Kathy (age 3) by her mother 

Seattle, WA

  Serving size:  1 Tbsp. (14g)
  Calories:  31
     From fat:  27
  Total Fat:  3g
     Saturated fat:  0.5g

     Trans fat:  0g
  Cholesterol:  0mg
  Sodium:  113mg
  Total Carbohydrates:  1g
     Dietary fiber:  0g

      Sugars:  0g
  Protein:  0g

​​​ "Your garlic sauce is the most incredible thing in the world.  And the most indispensable product in a world of lots of dispensable things. 

It's wonderful to find something so special."

Jessica of Quilcene, WA