Nutrition Facts:

Serving size:  1 Tbsp. (14g)

Calories:  31

    From fat:  27

Total Fat:  3g

    Saturated fat:  0.5g

    Trans fat:  0g

Cholesterol:  0mg

Sodium:  113mg

Total Carbohydrates:  1g

    Dietary fiber:  0g

    Sugars:  0g

Protein:  0g


It has been an amazing 25 years celebrating with you!  Between your first dates, your wedding receptions, anniversaries, birthdays to the births of your children and birthdays of your grandchildren.  We sincerely thank you for including us in the celebrations of your lives.  You have given us so many beautiful memories.  When we first opened on July 15, 1987, we had no idea that we would meet so many wonderful people.  We will sincerely miss each and every one of you.  You will forever be in our hearts. 

Here's to you and to new beginnings.  Thank you!

Anis and Julie Karam

   Our restaurant has closed, however we will continue to make and distribute our products (Garlic Sauce, Tahini Garlic Sauce, Karamage, Hummos, Baba Ghannouj and Falafil wraps). 


   Our Garlic Sauce and other products can be found in stores listed under tab:   Where Can I Find It?


       Karam's Garlic Sauce  is a perfectly balanced blend of fresh garlic, lemon juice, olive oil,
salt, pepper and love!  It contains no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, no dairy
and is gluten free.

340 – 15th Avenue East – Suite 204
Seattle, WA  98112-5808


About Us

Love it!

How can I use it?

                                      Karam's Garlic Sauce   enhances the flavor of whatever you choose to pour it on.

                                           The ways in which to use your Garlic Sauce are limitless.  Just follow your imagination.

  - add some to your salad with a little red wine vinegar or basaltic vinegar, fresh mint, salt and pepper.  Toss and serve. Yum!

  - add some to your bowl of soup stir and enjoy!

  - add it to your sandwiches, chicken dishes, roasts, lamb, fish, pastas, spaghetti, steamed vegetables, stir-fry vegetables, rice,
    potatoes, pot pies, quiche, scrambled eggs, sushi, burritos, tacos, pizza, toasted French bread, stuffed cabbage or grape
    leaves, kibbeh…

  - marinate chicken with some Garlic Sauce the night before barbecuing.  Baste the chicken with it along with all other foods on
    the grill while cooking.  Pour a little on your plate and dip or drizzle some on everything after serving.

The list will stretch as far as your imagination.  The possibilities are endless.

Here's to your new taste adventure and to your health!

   Enjoy the journey!   

Karam's Garlic Sauce   simply irresistible!

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